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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s a new low when it comes to committing crime for this week’s Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week.

Lexington Police say a couple of shoplifters used a child to push their stolen goods out of a local Lowe’s store. Now, they’re turning to Crime Stoppers to put names with the faces.

Surveillance video shows a woman walking in the Lowe’s store on Old Todds Road on a Friday in August and signaling to a juvenile to grab a cart. Police say she was about to begin a shopping trip she had no intention of paying for.

“It’s a shoplifting is what it is,” Det. Anthony Delimpo said. “It just goes to show some of our suspects are more and more bold. They commit these crimes in broad daylight, in front of a lot of people.”

While the blond haired woman and child perused the aisles, stacking hundreds of dollars of cleaning supplies into a car, her alleged counterpart, with a mask on his face, grabs his own cart ready to load up.

“Ultimately, you had two individuals come into Lowe’s on Old Todds,” Delimpo said. “Male and female came in separately, they were together but they came in separately. One loaded up some power tools in a shopping cart. Spent some time in the store. The female loaded up some cleaning supplies in both carts and ultimately walked out.”

And then, what detectives call the most cringeworthy part of the crime.

“What makes this one a little more disturbing or makes it stand out a little more is they used a juvenile to push one of the carts out,” Delimpo said. “Watching this you see the child is old enough to know, but also he’s probably heavily influenced by these two adults. He was put in a terrible position and was told or coerced to push this cart out. It’s frustrating.”

Police say the pair left the store parking lot in a maroon Jeep Cherokee.


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