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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s one of the most common, yet preventable crimes. Good people don’t think about leaving a wallet or purse in a car, but for thieves, it’s an invitation that can cause big financial headaches.

This week’s Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week takes us to Scott County.

Charles Brooking Park is one of Scott County’s peaceful places. A spot to get away from the noise of the city.

“A couple came out here to take a walk,” Detective Anthony Delimpo said. “They parked on a Saturday night before dusk. Went back to their vehicle and noticed their window was smashed out of their vehicle.”

In a matter of seconds, a couple of wallets and everything in them- gone.

“They called the Scott County Sheriff’s Department pretty quickly and it didn’t take long as they dug into this to find their cards were used right here at the Dollar General,” Delimpo said.

Experienced thieves, say police, who drove straight down South Broadway and within minutes were caught on the store’s surveillance cameras using the stolen cards.

“They bought some knick-knack items, but they bought gift cards,” Delimpo said. “Over several thousand dollars.”


Detective Delimpo says thieves buy gift cards because they can’t be tracked. They’re later sold on the black market or internet. Police say one simple step could ease all the trouble that comes with a stolen wallet or purse.

“Bring it with you. Just carry it. If you’ve got a trunk you can lock it in the trunk. That works and that’s fine, but just hiding it underneath something isn’t enough.”

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