LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It’s stories like this one that reminds us, that this world isn’t like the one your grandparents grew up in. Even a set of keys lying around is fair game for crooks to steal your car. The difference between now and generations ago?

Surveillance cameras.

“Long story, short, she came home one evening, parked her van in her driveway and when she came out the next morning, the van was gone,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo about the theft of a transport van from a home on 12th Street in Lexington.

The good news? Cameras on the house next door captured images of the hooded man. The bad news? That feeling of intrusion is hard to overcome.

“This guy jumps the fence into her backyard while she’s sleeping and jumps back over the fence with her keys so if he’s brazen enough to do that, what else is he capable of doing,?” said Delimpo.


Less than 24 hours after it was taken, police found the white, transport van abandoned on the city’s northside in the Hollow Creek neighborhood. It was in good condition. No damage to it, but something was missing. The owner’s protection she kept inside.

“The problem is, we have a gun that’s out on the street. A bad guy has this gun and he’s probably passed it down the line. The likelihood is it will probably be used in a violent crime,” said Delimpo.

Lexington police want to hear from you if you saw that van around the northside in late March or if you’ve heard chatter about who stole it. Call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 859-253-2020 or go online to p3tips.com.