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On any given day of the week, there is constant traffic on the busy stretch of Winchester Road at Strader. But behind Lexington Outdoor Power Equipment and Lexington Tree Service should be a different story. Especially on a Sunday when the businesses are closed

“It looks like people had a field day on that Sunday,” said manager Jason Stinnett.

He’s talking about Sunday, October 25. Sunday’s are the only days Stinnett and his crew rest from the family owned business. They came in Monday, the 26th, to find thousands of dollars in equipment stolen.

“They started around 8:00 in the morning and just kept coming and going until 4 or 4:30,” said Lexington Police Detective Anthony Delimpo.

That’s an honest days works for most people, but these were thieves. They didn’t touch the store’s big ticket items, rather targeted things like chainsaws and blowers. Tools they could fit in the Save-A-Lot carts they brought with them.

Stinnett says the thieves weren’t sloppy. They took their time, “actually they didn’t cut through the fence, they unbolted the bolts and nuts and peeled it back. But we did spot weld every nut and bolt. So if you do it again, your works going to be cut out for you.”

He’s thankful for their investment in great security cameras that captured several images of the thieves at work.

“We got cameras. We’re going to catch you. We might not get our equipment back but we’re gonna eventually find out who did it. And we’re not going to stop at nothing to make sure you’re in jail,” says Stinnett.

If you recognize the people in the photo, call Crime Stoppers at 859-253-2020.