LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A theft investigation continues at a Lexington golf course is the Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week.

Two men, working with a getaway driver, broke into cars at Greenbrier Golf and Country Club on July 14, walking away with cash and credit cards.

“A victim called us and said ‘my card has been used fraudulently at Best Buy in Lexington,’ said Det. Anthony Delimpo.

Officers rather quickly came up with surveillance photos of two men wearing masks who went on a shopping spree with the victim’s card.

“They racked up over $2,000 on her credit cards at Best Buy,” Delimpo said.

After backtracking through her day, she realized the card must have been stolen while her car was parked at Greenbrier Golf and Country Club on Bahama Road. After reviewing security cameras, staff at the course say the crime was orchastrated.

“This is the first time we’ve ever had like a professional job where they’re going out of their way to blend in,” said Josh Osborne with the country club.

“They planned this. They came out here to try and blend in to Greenbrier, wear the golf attire, have golf bags looks like they were out here to play a round of golf and actually they were out here to steal from people,” said Delimpo.

Police say by day’s end, there were three victims at the country club. Their belongings taken by the two men who blended in before making a b-line out of there in a white, Mercedes SUV.


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