Thieves target Tates Creek construction site

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington contractor was one step ahead of anyone who might be up to no good at their construction site, and it paid off. His cameras captured a couple of thieves who broke in in early June.

“It took some time to get in, they weren’t worried,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo of the Lexington Police Department. Maybe they didn’t care, but it’s more likely the two didn’t know they were being watched.

“Fortunately, we have video of this,” Delimpo said. “You can see the suspects, how they stand, carry themselves, their gait. And hoping somebody can identify them by watching it.”

Detecting movements in the townhomes under construction on Tates Creek, surveillance cameras clicked on giving detectives a good lead about who helped themselves to a good amount of someone else’s belongings.

“We had two individuals, male white and female white enter one of those. They were secured, but they used force to enter them,” Delimpo said. “And unfortunately for this contractor, he had his trailer parked inside and it was full of all kinds of tools. They went inside and took their time, broke into the trailer and took the tools and a whole lot of copper that was laying around as well.”

A setback for the project, but a bigger blow to the contractor and his staff’s livelihood.

“Just the average American trying to make a living. People think these contractors are multi-millionaires. They’re not. They’re just like everyone else working to survive and I think most will tell you they have to watch their stuff and guard their stuff nowadays.”

Detectives noted the woman is wearing a Louisville hoodie and carrying a unique Adidas backpack.


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