Thieves use stolen trucks in attempts to haul off Lexington ATM’s

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Central Kentucky contractor Adam Kidd remembers the frantic phone call he got the morning of December 2, 2020 from one of his crew members, saying his work truck had been stolen out of his driveway.

“Our vehicles are kind of our life blood,” Kidd says. “And without them we can’t bring our tools to our jobs, we can’t get our guys to our jobs, it put us down and out it cut into somebody’s paycheck for a day. He wasn’t able to work because we were meeting with police.”

While making the police report, officers made the connection that the stolen truck was likely used in one of two attempted ATM thefts that morning.

The first occurred around 2am on Walden Avenue. Lexington Police Detective Anthony Delimpo says three men stole a truck. Then, using chains attached to the vehicle, they stole an ATM from City National Bank. The trio dragged the machine about a mile down the road before ditching the truck and the damaged ATM.

Two hours later, they stole Kidd’s truck and used it in their attempts to steal a bolted down ATM at Bank of the Bluegrass on Southland Drive. Police say they got away with very little money.

“This wasn’t a crime where somebody just woke up and said ‘I’m gonna do this’ last second,” Det. Delimpo says. “They planned this for a while.”

Police noted the unique clothing at least one of the thieves was wearing- a hoodie with the words “Fast Money” on it. Lexington Police say because they targeted a bank, the FBI is involved in the investigation. Thanks to the clothing and the banks security cameras, authorities are confident they can identify the three.

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