Unlocked car doors make easy work for thieves

Crime Stoppers

“Good people who don’t steal, who don’t commit crimes, don’t think about it,” Det. Anthony Delimpo says.

He’s talking about locking your car doors. Long gone are the days where you could leave them unlocked and not wake up to find a thief had rummaged through your things.

“Unfortunately, we have people who walk around at night pulling on door handles. They won’t break a window out, but they’ll look around inside to see what’s valuable to steal, to take,” says Delimpo.

They’re looking for loose change or cash, your wallet, computers, headphones, guns, etc. On February 14 in Lexington’s Waterford neighborhood, a person going driveway to driveway hit one family’s home and got away with cash, a pricey bottle of bourbon and other personal belongings.

Thefts from unlocked cars has become such a problem in Lexington, the police department created a public service announcement at Christmastime to remind people to get into a nightly routine of locking your car.

So how can you identify a crook who’s out stealing at night? Det. Delimpo says family members may notice someone isn’t home at night, or they don’t sleep and then come home with things that don’t belong to them.

If you have suspect information on any recent thefts from cars, call the tip line at 253-2020 or leave an anonymous tip on the Bluegrass Crime Stoppers website.

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