Daughter works to find Good Samaritans who pulled parents from burning car


A Lexington couple were pulled out of their burning car after a wreck at the corner of Harrodsburg and Brannon roads.

Now they’re hoping to find those responsible for saving their lives. 

“I realized the severity of their accident and it took my breath away. That’s the moment I realized it could have been pretty serious,” said Stephanie Harris.

Monday afternoon, around 2, Stephanie Harris’ parents were on the way back from lunch. Her dad was making a turn onto Harrodsburg Road.

“And another car was coming and hit them. Their car caught on fire.”

Harris said her parents barely remembered what happened next. Both coming back into consciousness on the sidewalk. After being pulled from the burning wreckage.

“Times when we are so focused on ourselves, that there are still people out there and willing to help others and put themselves in danger to be able to save the life of another.”

Especially when those people are complete strangers.

“I’m just so thankful. I could have lost both of my parents at the same time.”

Harris’ mom was released from the hospital that night, but her father had a longer stay. Needing surgery after breaking his femur. Now Harris and her parents are hoping to track down the Good Samaritans who helped save their lives.

“Would be forever grateful to be able to meet them and thank them in person.”

Showing their appreciation to those kind people who were in the right place at the right time.

We can put anyone who helped after the crash in touch with Harris and her family.

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