Decorated trees surprise drivers along Kentucky 421


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – You typically don’t expect to see Christmas trees while driving along the highway, but one community near the Jackson and Madison County line started a new tradition that has grown over the years, which include several dozens of pine trees decorated for the holidays.

A nearly three-mile long stretch of Kentucky 421 leading up and down Bighill gets a makeover during the holidays. Along the road, you’ll spot several pine trees both small and tall that have been decorated for the holidays.

The tradition began with just one sad and lonely tree.

“In 2017, actually the first little tree was decorated just right up the road from us. A friend of mine I actually went to school with, Amanda Johnson, and her mother started this tradition,” said Jackson County resident Jordan Thompson.

After that first year, Thompson and his family were among dozens that joined in on decorating trees.

“We’ve actually done it every year after she has done it. Normally we only decorate one, but there was one right next to ours so we decorated it as well,” Thompson said.

Now, three years later, that one lonely decorated tree is lonely no more. It’s joined by roughly 70 trees now decorated as more community members get involved.

“It really gives you a warm feeling to see everyone want to be involved and want to see all the trees get decorated. I really enjoy seeing it and I really think everyone locally enjoys seeing it,” Thompson said.

And in a year when we’re battling a pandemic, this stretch of highway can bring happiness into anyone’s day.

“It gives people a little bit of a sense of relief maybe bring a little bit of joy a little bit of cheer. Everybody needs that this year,” Thompson said.

While it’s easy to spot all of the trees during the day, Thompson says some people have even decorated their trees with lights to spot them at night.

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