Fast food chains in Lexington have urgent need for employees


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDKY) – Hiring, hiring, hiring. That word is plastered on signs and billboards across Lexington, because for fast food restaurants, this is hiring season.

“Summer months, kids are out of school, parents are out and about, families are out and about traveling and so a lot of times we try to ramp up our hiring for the summer months anyway,” said April Black, the director of marketing for McTribe.

Black is part of a franchise that owns 26 McDonald’s across central and eastern Kentucky. She said they want to open dining rooms all the time at all locations for those customers, but that means they’ll need more hands on deck to keep up with the increased cleaning to fight COVID-19.

“Because with our lobbies it takes more people to employ to get those lobbies open because of the mandates we have right now with sanitizing everything,” Black said.

While the pandemic took a hard hit on many restaurants, Black points out that fast food has actually done pretty well and it’s proven to be a stable income for many people.

“We’ve not had to lay anyone off during the pandemic. We have kept everyone employed and were able to keep the doors open. The drive-through, it’s been constant. We’ve not closed our drive-through down so that has been a huge plus for McDonald’s,” Black said.

Now as people are getting vaccinated and feeling more comfortable around other people, she hopes Kentuckians can fill the many jobs posted on those signs.

Black said she expects more applicants soon, as Kentucky’s work search requirements will be reinstated on May 9. People will need to prove at least one full-time job contact per week.

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