Franklin County Sheriff reassigns deputy after complaints about him attending the U.S. Capitol rally


A Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy has been reassigned. following complaints about him attending the protest at the U.S. Capitol last week.

It started as a rally in Washington D.C. where President Donald Trump spoke to thousands of supporters.

They marched to Capitol Hill to protest Congress validating election results. That’s where it turned into a riot as some people stormed the U.S. Capitol, breaking windows and infiltrating the senate chambers.

We’ve since learned some Kentuckians were at the protest including a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy.

According to the Franklin County Sheriff, Detective Jeff Farmer attended the political rally.

It has raised questions in the community and by a group of public defenders about Farmer’s ability to serve Franklin County.

A letter signed by five public defenders at the Franklin County Trial Office was sent to the sheriff calling for a re-evaluation of the deputy’s role in the sheriff’s department.

The letter said quote “how can minorities in Frankfort feel protected and served by an individual who so clearly flaunts his fraternization with racists.”

The sheriff released a statement Sunday responding to the letter saying the sheriff’s office supports the right of all citizens including deputies to exercise their first amendment right.

Detective Farmer has been reassigned to another role within the sheriff’s office as a thorough investigation will be conducted.

But, the sheriff said no evidence has been presented that indicated Detective Farmer committed any crimes while at the rally.

We’ve tried to reach out to the sheriff, the group of public defenders, and Farmer but haven’t been able to make contact.

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