Group works to make sure no veteran is forgotten this Memorial Day


A father and son, Dean Jackson’s brother served in the Navy during World War Two.

“He was just a good guy, he was just a good guy. I sure miss him,” said Jackson.

He passed away in ’83. And decades later, a group of volunteers is making sure Jackson, and all other veterans, aren’t forgotten.

“I’m a funeral director and I was in a very rural cemetery and noticed that a lot of the flags were tattered and torn,” said Co-coordinator Spencer Guiley.

Or the flags weren’t there at all. Which is what sparked an idea for Spencer Guiley six years ago.

“Pulled together a handful of my friends and the first year we put out about 700 flags. Every year since it’s grown and the last three years we’ve put out about 1200 flags,” Guiley said.

Headstones dating back to the Revolutionary War.

“Every flag we put out is on the grave of someone’s father, mother, brother, sister, daughter and their worth remembering,” said Guiley.

Guiley’s own daughters placing flags next to veterans’ graves.

“If we don’t pause and take a moment to remember our past, whose going to remember us on down the road?” Guiley asked.

1200 veterans that won’t be forgotten this Memorial Day.

The group went to Flatwoods Cemetery, College Hill Cemetery and ended at Maple Grove Cemetery.

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