Habitat for Humanity secures donation for Holland family who has been living in camper with sick son


There’s light at the end of the tunnel for a Lexington Police detective and his family, forced to live in a camper because of an insurance battle and mounting medical bills associated with their sick son.

Thanks to a GoFundMe page and a generous donation secured by Habitat for Humanity, the Holland’s will soon be saying ‘see ya’ to that camper.

The wheels began turning on this exciting update back in December after our story about the headache the Holland’s were facing.

Locked in a battle with their insurance company over a claim, they were also dealing with their 6-year old son Kaiser’s new diagnosis- a rare, degenerative seizure disorder. Joe and Maegan Holland’s finances were shot. They gave all they had just to hold their family together.

And it was all happening at Christmas.

Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because in a season of giving, complete strangers gave alright…a lot. A GoFundMe page brought in $40,000 and then their story landed on the desk of Kentucky Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Mary Shearer’s desk.

“We said, we must help them! How can we do this?” Shearer said.

Habitat for Humanity has a soft spot for veterans and Joe served our country in the Army. Habitat got in touch with the Home Depot Foundation who phoned in a request to Tunnel To Towers, a foundation on Long Island that began after 9/11.

“This family needs unconditional love and unconditional love comes in a lot of different ways,” said Habitat board chairman Lyle Hanna. “Sometimes its unconditional money. “This is money they can use to take care of their sons, get their family together and move forward.”

And, that light that the Holland’s couldn’t find in December, is shining brighter now than they ever imagined.

“I have to say that everything feels like it’s going to be ok,” Maegan Holland said. “And that’s the most amazing feeling to have at this point.”

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