Halloween festival & ‘Thriller’ parade resurrected in downtown Lexington


LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – The annual Halloween Festival and Thriller Parade returned to downtown Lexington on Sunday night.

“I always like to see what the parade’s going to be about, what the zombies are dressed like,” said Kim Beatty, who lives in Lexington.

In celebration of their league championship, the Lexington Legends led hordes of people down Main Street. Later on, Michael Jackson stole the show as dancers like Alex Livingood put on a thrilling performance.

“My mom, she loved Michael,” said Livingood, who lives in Paris. “She put me into his realm, and I just fell in love with it just the same as she did.”

Livingood joined the parade as a zombie over a decade ago. He was delighted to see the crowd’s energy after missing out last year.

“It showed me that I was out of shape for that bye year,” Livingood said. “But it was a lot of fun being out here, breathing the fresh air, seeing all the people, the zombies, it’s amazing.”

Livingood encouraged others with interest to find a red jacket and join the party in the years to come.

The evening’s festivities also included a Halloween variety show, with performances by Lexington-area arts groups.

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