LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – As 2022 inches closer, it’s time to start making your list of resolutions. Joining a gym is a common choice.

Jim Benson is the owner of Snap Fitness 24-7 in Lexington. He said he expects to see some new faces as the new year rolls in. When it comes to going to the gym as a new year’s resolution, Benson said consistency is key. Burnout is common for those who try to do too much in a short time frame, and it can lead to the resolution falling apart after only days or weeks.

Gym owners like Benson said working out is a great habit to get into during this time specifically because it leads to a stronger immune system in the era of COVID. Benson said there are also a handful of emotional and mental benefits as well.

“I love to help fitness of all ages. I have some young boys myself who love working out at a young age. When done properly and have the right maturity about them, it’s a fantastic way to help them with their own self confidence and develop. Exercise is a life-long type of situation,” Benson said.

Gyms like Snap Fitness 24-7 are taking sanitation efforts seriously, which includes having people wipe down equipment after using it.