Insurance battle forces Mercer County family with sick son to live in a camper

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Lexington Police detective Joe Holland and his wife Maegan were attracted to a home outside the city because of an affordable mortgage that they could pay down quickly and maybe even retire ahead of schedule. The family of four settled down in Harrodsburg.

Since then, several big life events have happened that have forced the Holland’s into a 300 sq ft. travel trailer where they live with their two little boys, one of which suffers from a rare, degenerative seizure disorder.

6-year old Kaiser is one of a kind in his parents eyes and one of 1,000 across the world living with his condition. “It’s degenerative, which means we have to keep trying different medications and you never know what’s going to work and what’s not going to work,” Maegan told FOX 56 anchor Kristen Pflum.

Kaiser’s diagnosis in December of 2018 came with a whole new set of challenges for the nurse and her Army veteran husband. Kaiser was switched to a strict ketogenic diet, but the type of seizure disorder he has also presents as autism. He refuses to eat all but three foods and the only way to get him the nutrition that he needs is through a gastrointestinal tube. Kaiser’s daycare can’t handle that responsibility so Maegan had to use FMLA then an extended leave of absence so she could be home with him.

Joe Holland says medical bills alone depleted their savings within months.

And to add insult to injury, “in June we had about eight straight days of wind driven rain. And while I was cleaning, I noticed water along the quarter round at the baseboard I started looking around the house and noticed it was on every exterior wall,” Maegan says.

Water problems led to mold problem. Drywall, fiberboard, insulation it all had to come out. Now, in every room, exposed electrical wiring.

Recently, the Holland’s ran into more trouble, this time with their insurance company.

“Once it got over the $15,000 threshold they became very, very problematic.”

Joe and Maegan moved their family into a hotel for eight weeks. Then a rental home for another four months. Insurance paid for rental furniture in their temporary home that the Holland’s say came with bed bugs. Another out-of-pocket expense they were forced to pay.

“Our electric bill last month was $1100.”

And that’s on top of the mortgage, hundreds and hundreds of dollars for Kaiser’s medication and all the other bills they’re still paying for a home they can’t live in. Which brings us to their most recent challenge, fitting their family of four into a 300-sq foot travel trailer parked outside their Harrodsburg home.

There’s no privacy. Only one camper sized bathroom for the family of four. And during the day, it’s where older brother Turner tries to get through his virtual learning.

Another detective at the Lexington Police Department finally said something has to be done.

Detective Anthony Delimpo started at the department around the same time as Joe. He also knows a thing or two about the challenges of having a sick child. Two and a half years ago, his son Levi was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. The community and police department rallied around Levi like he was one of their own. Delimpo hopes the Holland’s find the same, through a GoFundMe page that was started Friday, three weeks before Christmas.

“I just pray every night that something will happen. Something will come about and make it easier. Something will fall into my lap as far as an idea of how we’re going to make it work,” Maegan said. “I just pray that’s all I can do.”

If you like to donate through the GoFundMe link, you can do so here.

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