Is Gov. Beshear’s ‘Shot at a Million’ increasing the number of vaccinations?


KENTUCKY (WDKY) – Wednesday is your last chance to sign up for Kentucky’s first vaccine lottery drawing.

On Friday, the state will announce the winner of the first “Shot at a Million” vaccine sweepstakes. It was implemented with the hope of boosting the number of people who got the COVID-19 vaccine but, looking at the numbers, it may not have done much so far.

In the 25 days since that lottery was announced, 120,000 Kentuckians have been vaccinated. In the 25 days before that, 193,000 were vaccinated. Part of that previous increase was because the vaccine was opened up to 12 to 15-year-olds.

But, overall, the vaccine sweepstakes doesn’t seem to be driving the numbers up. Governor Beshear has said in Ohio those numbers went up some after the first winner was announced.

In an update last week, Gov. Beshear said only about 20 percent of the people who have been vaccinated have actually signed up for the lottery.

Adults have a chance at $1 million, teens can win one of 15 full-ride scholarships to a Kentucky school.

The money to pay for those prizes is coming from COVID relief funds.

The two other entry deadlines are July 28 and August 25.

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