Jackson County crews make significant progress after snow and ice


The winter storms are over, but communities are still dealing with the snow and ice.

Jackson county was one of the hardest hit areas. At one point, three-quarters of the county lost power.

“It’s just been super busy,” Judge Executive Shane Gabbard said. But “busy” is an understatement. Crews have been working around the clock.

Gabbard is personally doing welfare checks, delivering propane tanks, and serving food.

The good news for Gabbard and the community is that several people rushed to help this week. Forty National Guard members were in Jackson County along with the Bluegrass Emergency Response Team. It’s made up of firefighters, police, and emergency personnel from 11 counties.

“Oh they made all the difference in the world. They cleared roads yesterday that would have taken us a week to clear,” Gabbard said graciously.

Gabbard said about 85 percent of the county had power restored by Saturday morning. They’ve also been able to access roads where people have been trapped.

The next big challenge comes when the snow and ice melt.

“We are expected to get close to 40 degrees today so there’s going to be a lot of ice melting. So we do expect some trees to come down that haven’t been down and some tree limbs. So we have to pay close attention to that today.”

Fortunately, the community has come together to help one another.

“Everybody here is eager to help. That’s one thing about a small town. Everybody knows everybody and everybody wants to help one another. And that’s really gotten us through the situation.”

Gabbard said the county will start damage assessment this week, when conditions are safer.

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