Kentucky congressional delegates react to violence in nation’s capital


KENTUCKY (WDKY) – We are continuing to hear from Kentucky’s congressional delegates. All of them are denouncing Wednesday’s violence in our nation’s capital.

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One of Kentucky’s delegates is setting himself apart from the rest.

Congressman Hal Rogers was the only Kentucky congressman to object to the Electoral College vote to certify the November’s election win in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor.

He said he heard from hundreds of people from his district, “questioning the integrity of the presidential election….” He did tweet Wednesday night, that he too, denounced the violence taking place and that he was appalled to see Americans storm the Capitol.

Congressman Andy Barr voted against the objections of the vote count.

In a statement Wednesday night, Barr said he could not vote in favor of the objections because it would “set a dangerous precedent to replace the electoral college with a new system in which congress selects the president instead of the states and the people.”

Earlier in the day, Congressman Barr commented on the chaos at the Capitol, calling it “tragic, outrageous and devastating.” He went on to say what happened is not who we are as a nation.

Senator Rand Paul shared a similar opinion. He says rejecting the state electors would go against his oath to the constitution.

“If you vote to overturn these elections, wouldn’t it be the opposite of what states’ rights Republicans have always advocated for? This would doom the Electoral College forever,” Paul said.

Senator Paul also said people around the world admire America’s free elections and that lawmakers must restore public confidence in those proceedings.

Kentucky’s only Democratic congressman, Representative John Yarmuth, of Louisville, put the blame for what happened Wednesday on the president. Yarmuth said President Trump incited this mob and that Trump loyalists in congress enabled them.

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