Kentucky mother says someone put racist drawing in her son’s backpack.


WARNING: This story contains a disturbing image.

WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – A Whitley County mother says she is heartbroken after finding a racist drawing that had been put in her middle school aged son’s backpack.

Through tears, Brandy Mullins told us how upset it made her that her son, 13-year-old JaVon, would be the target of such hate.

The drawing depicts two people hanging from a noose, what appears to be three hooded figures below and a burning cross.

We did reach out to the school district and they confirmed they are investigating an allegation of a student being harassed by another student using a racially offensive drawing and they met with Brandy and JaVon to go over what happened.

Brandy says she’s very pleased with how the district is handling the situation, but wanted to share with us what happened in hopes of starting a broader conversation in their community.

“Could you imagine as a parent if your child would’ve opened a letter like that and seen something like that? I’m not angry, I’m not mad at anybody, my heart is broken so I just pray wholeheartedly for this child and for this family that they are educated, and they know how heartbreaking this is as a mother to see something like this,” Brandy said.

Whitley County’s superintendent provided this statement to WDKY:

Harassment or bullying of any sort is not acceptable and we will continue to look into this until we know what happened. Appropriate action will be taken and we will continue to keep the well-being of students as our primary objective.

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