Kentucky River continues to rise in Frankfort


FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDKY) – The Kentucky River continues to rise to historic levels.

The river is already at 37 feet and is expected to rise several more feet before cresting later this week.

Franklin County’s Emergency Management Director for Franklin County said it could mean the highest flood levels in the area since 1984.

The river also flooded badly in 2010, but that was about a foot below what it is now.

It brings back memories of what happened in the past.

“I seen it high several times, worked it out, cleaned it out, gone back to work,” said Judy Penn.

But Penn and others along the Kentucky River in the state’s capital city know that’s going to happen again.

Doug Rhodus bought his house 10 years ago and, most of the time, the river’s been great.

“You see in the summertime it’s green. You see boats going by, you think nothing. You look at it now, you think that other piece of property wasn’t so bad,” Rhodus said.

More than 20 roads are already closed throughout the county. Officials are now concerned that rising water levels could start impacting some neighborhoods. Officials are also worried about encountering problems when trying to respond to calls.

“The other thing is people not knowing what the flood level is for their house and when they need to move their stuff out.” said Tom Russell with Franklin County Emergency Management. “ I know a lot of people are taking precautionary measures and moving their stuff up one floor.”

About 10 homes are impacted in Franklin County right now, but when the river reaches 40 feet and beyond, it will impact more than 70 homes.

Emergency management officials are predicting the Kentucky River to crest at just over 40 feet on Thursday.

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