LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The sounds of a lone bugler, the flutter of flags, the loved ones with their right arms across their chest in silence to honor those who have fallen.

This means the world to 11-year army veteran Shawnne Springman, who served tours in Iraq from 2003 to 2004.

“I lost good friends, fellow veterans so I make it a point to always remember them and remember those who have fallen that I did not serve with just so they are not forgotten,” Springman said.

The veterans here all serve to remind us that memorial day means much more than BBQs and a break from work.

“When I signed the dotted line, I was willing to give my life and there was many times in Iraq that I truly felt this was going to be my moment,” Springman said.

But to remember those who paid the ultimate price.

Despite Springman’s painful memories of fallen comrades, he stands among the longs row of graves

“I knew something serious was going to go down, thankfully I made it through those missions but a lot of my fellow veterans did not make it through,” Springman said.

As he holds back tears he finds praise in Memorial Day.

“I read them out loud, in my mind, and okay my respects to them in such a way that I am not breaking down,” Springman said.