LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – According to the latest data coming out of AAA, Kentucky is currently ranked in the “Top 10 Lowest States” of average gas prices.

That is because the national average sits at $3.39, meanwhile, Kentucky’s average sits at $3.07.

Even though Kentucky’s average is lower than the national average, it’s about a dollar higher compared to what the price point has been this time in previous years.

Kentucky average gas prices according to AAA.com. (Danielle Miskell)

So, Kentuckians still feel that gas is just too expensive.

“We’re actually ranked around 7th or 8th lowest gas price states in the station,” Lori Weaver Hawkins, AAA Manager of Public & Government Affairs, said.

In spite of ranking in the nation’s “Top 10 Lowest States” for gas prices, Hawkins said Kentuckians still face a psychological trigger at the $3 mark.

“$2.99 ok, but $3? Now I’m going to change my habits because now it’s over $3, that is just a trigger you know,” Hawkins said.

Prices at the pump per one Marathon location in Lexington. (Danielle Miskell)

A new AAA survey found that Kentuckians are changing their spending habits to afford to be mobile.

“Over 50% of Kentuckians now are changing their driving behaviors because of the gas price. And about 46% are saying that $3 mark that was the trigger,” Hawkins said.

Andrew Milan, a student at The University of Kentucky, said he pays around $57 to fill up a full tank of gas. He has to spend that twice a week to commute to his job in Cincinnati.

“I know I had to budget differently because of gas, most of my money I was spending was on gas because I was driving 40 minutes a day, an hour total,” Milan said.

Traveling home to Baltimore, Maryland, for the holidays, Milan figured out where he needs to stop to fill up his tank along his route.

“So West Virginia prices are similar to here which is nice. They’re lower, it’s still not cheap obviously, but it’s lower prices. But once I get into Maryland its gets more expensive, so I try to always fill up either here and then in West Virginia to avoid the Maryland prices. You gotta be careful, you gotta plan it out cause otherwise, you spend $15 extra just in gas,” Milan said.

As of Nov. 29, crude oil prices tumbled in prices by more than $10, dropping from about $80 a barrel crude oil prices to $68 a barrel.

This as news of the omicron COVID-19 variant made headlines and dropped from $80 to $68 per barrel as of Friday as soon as the variant broke headlines.

Now with the announcements of the omicron variant and President Biden releasing oil reserves to combat high gas prices, many Kentuckians wonder if prices will dip as low as the height of the pandemic.

Hawkins said, “I don’t see a big change, I don’t think there’s likely to be a difference in Kentucky, and I don’t think our prices are going to go up while national’s continue to stabilize or go down.”

This Speedway in Lexington is seeing $3.03 per gallon of unleaded gas, as of December 2nd. (Danielle Miskell)

The trend for the past months has been ticking downward a penny a week. In regards to President Biden releasing the domestic oil reserves, Hawkins said that Kentucky has not felt relief at the pumps yet as a result, so the good news is, gas prices will continue to stabilize into the holidays.

“We do expect the gas prices to stabilize now. We’re not expecting these increases that we saw when we were going several cents up a week, sometimes a day,” Hawkins said.