Ashland Community & Technical College sees increased demand for CDL driver training


ASHLAND, KY (WOWK) — In Kentucky, Ashland Community and Technical College (ACTC) instructors have noticed a trend driving one of their courses.

“We’ve seen a big upraising in the amount of students. My classes are booked. We have one class every month and I’m already, my next available class is in December right now,” says William Caudill, CDL instructor at ACTC.

The demand for these CDL driver training classes—or Commercial Driver’s License classes—is up. The course gives students complete vehicle training.

“There’s a lot of jobs in the trucking industry. There is a shortage of truckers. Lot more of your local companies now are starting to hire students straight out of school,” Caudill says.

The class itself is four weeks, with around eight students per class putting in 40 hours in the classroom and 120 hours of hands-on learning to drive trucks.

Instructors say once they get their students certified behind the wheel, there’s a lot of high-paying opportunities out on the road.

“It’s a place that you can go for four weeks of training and come out and make anywhere from 55 to 65 thousand dollars a year,” Caudill says.

“Everyone needs a Class A driver. If you look on Indeed, or any kind of places like that, they always need Class A drivers.  There’s always ads for it, there’s always job positions for it. If you lose a job today you can have a job tomorrow. Class A CDL is always in demand.  Everyone needs to transport goods,” says Brittany Holbrook, CDL instructor at ACTC.

Student Zachariah Watson says he’s also noticed the demand.

“Down there in South Point, the Ohio Department of Transportation has had the big sign flashing talking about the snowplow drivers and everything…Lots of career opportunities; it’s kind of the easier one to get into, cause lots of people don’t think about it,” Watson says.

Instructors at Ashland Community and Technical College estimate there are hundreds of local jobs with employers looking for new graduates of their CDL programs.

For more information about their program, visit their website here, email; or, call (606) 326-2072.

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