FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — Gov. Andy Beshear wants to build up Kentucky’s roads, internet access, and even electric vehicle charging stations, hoping a big investment will bring in more big industry to the state.

“We must continue to improve critical infrastructure necessary for our commonwealth to thrive, that’s why my budget invests in the moment,” Beshear said.

The governor hopes his infrastructure budget will ready the state for the next possible Ford or Toyota expansion, and it proposes $250 million for site identification and development fund.

“This fund is going to help communities grow small industrial or business sites to be larger, it will help prepare them to be more build-ready,” Beshear said.

Another $75-million would go towards growing the state’s agritech industry, with plans for a dedicated research center in East Kentucky.

Standard road, water, and sewer grants and improvements were also included.

“The reason is simple, clean drinking water is a basic right,” Beshear said.

The budget proposal is also forward-looking, including a $100 million plan to build electric vehicle charging stations across the state. Gov. Beshear is also aiming to budget $184.9 million over three years to meet a state match that would bring in about $774.7 million in federal money for the Highway Trust Fund. An additional $8.5 billion is also budgeted for highway construction projects.

“It continues critical work on 4-laning the Mountain Parkway, building that I-69 bridge, and charting a path to building a Brent-Spence companion bridge without tolls,” Beshear said.

Regional airports would also receive a boost from the proposal. $200 million is budgeted for rural broadband projects and another $200 million for Kentucky’s state parks.

The proposed investment “will allow us to preserve essential preservation, continue much-needed maintenance and repair and begin new projects that will improve the guest experience,” Tourism, Arts, and Heritage Cabinet Secretary Mike Berry said.

The Democratic governor believes all of these things, aside from certain rural broadband projects, can get done during the remainder of his term. A proposed budget offered by the House GOP, which controls the general assembly, includes infrastructure provisions but generally sticks to road and airport grants.