Community cleans up in aftermath of Greenup County flash flooding


RUSSELL, Ky. (WOWK) — Damage from flash flooding in Greenup County Friday is a problem for some business owners in the area.

“It was probably, I don’t know, 3:30 almost 4:00 or something and it started raining and then it started really raining and then I said, ‘I need to move my car,’ and my brother said ‘Well, you’re too late,’” says Brandon Vanderpool, owner of Matt’s Gold & Pawn.

“Probably 20-30 minutes, I mean it was here. Local rain gauge here in the city says 5 and ¾ inches,” Fire Chief Billy Selvage for the City of Russell.

Selvage says the gushing water caused emergencies as it raced down Diederich Boulevard:

“We made several vehicle rescues; total of 11 people was rescued. We had some apartment buildings that we had to go into up here… The veterinary clinic, there was six people rescued out of there and ten animals,” Selvage recalls.

Luckily, Selvage says everyone was OK.

Now, local businesses are left to clean up the mess.

Bellefonte Animal Clinic found itself right in the middle of the downpour.

“You can kind of see the line on there, depending on what area of the building, there was a couple of feet of water in here… We’re assessing the damages and trying to get all the information we can to give to our flood insurance adjuster… Just trying to figure out what is working and what is not working,” says Diane Broughton, manager at Bellefonte Animal Clinic.

Currently, there is a company there taking the walls and insulation out which were affected by floodwaters.

“Everybody’s OK, all the animals were transported to another clinic in the area. We’ll come out of it, it’s just gonna be a mess for a bit,” Broughton says.

Businesses owners we spoke with further up the boulevard say they were spared the worst of it.

“There was a lot of water rushing this way and around the back from the creek and you could surfing if you wanted… We were lucky, these guys down that way weren’t as lucky as we were we just had a little bit of water come in and no inventory was damaged,” Vanderpool says.

All those we spoke with agree:

“We’ve had a little bit of water come in before, but nothing that bad,” Vanderpool says.

The fire chief says some of the water rescues were with people trying to drive through the floodwaters. Remember, turn around, don’t drown.

The fire chief says everyone is alright.

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