FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) – Kentucky’s state treasurer is criticizing the Beshear administration over hundreds of refund checks headed to the wrong address.

On Monday, treasurer Allison Ball canceled more than 3,800 vehicle tax refund checks, totaling more than $157,000.

Earlier this year, the general assembly passed legislation freezing vehicle property tax rates, making thousands of Kentuckians eligible for a refund.

Some people had already sold their cars before checks were mailed out, according to Ball, causing some to be directed to the wrong person.

Ball said she was acting as a watchdog against the Beshear administration who she said asked her to proceed with sending out the checks anyway and to get the money back later.

“It was an error, it happens. That wasn’t the problem. The problem was being told to go ahead and send these checks out to the wrong people, then we’re going to send them a tax bill to get the money back, and we’re going to hold their tax refund hostage unless they pay us back,” said Ball.

Holly Johnson, secretary of Kentucky’s Finance and Administration Cabinet, wrote in a letter to Ball that canceling the checks would cause confusion among those that receive them and disrupt the flow of the ongoing vehicle tax refund process.