PIGEON FORGE, TN. (FOX 56) — Country music superstar Dolly Parton is adding another business to her entrepreneur list. The icon announced the construction of her newest resort, which will be situated right next to the current Dreammore Resort in Dollywood.

FOX 56’s Georgiaree Godfrey sat down with Dolly in an exclusive interview to talk about the new resort.

Millions of people venture to Dollywood each season from near and far to ride the thrills, see the shows, and for the lucky chance to see the icon herself.

Friday, hundreds of people did just that. Crowds lined up around Dollywood waiting to see Dolly Parton as she made her way around the park. The impromptu visit came just hours after Dolly announced the newest addition to her resort.

The Heartsong Lodge and Resort is a 600-room lodge-style hotel that will feature details to capture the essence of the Smoky Mountains, bringing resort-goers to Dolly’s roots.

“It’s just about the Smoky mountains. Heartsong is really about the Smokies and how I love the Smokies and how they kind of bring me home actually and kind of restore me and recharge my batteries when I come home,” Parton said.

In contrast to the Dreammore Resort, which embodies the glitz and glam of Dolly Parton as we know her now, the Heartsong Lodge and Resort will showcase the essence of the Smokies and where she came from.

“We want people to feel like they’re outside and inside. We’ve got this huge, big lobby with the hearth and all of that, and we’ve got balconies on the porches which we don’t have here. People miss that. So we have a lot of wonderful things there that we don’t have here the Dreammore is wonderful, we’re looking so forward to the lodge flavor,” Parton added.

From the stone hearth fireplace in the foyer to the rustic woodwork and landscaping, Parton said the details in the lodge hit close to home. For example, the use of chestnut wood and the planting of chestnut trees on the property are an ode to her Uncle Bill, who used to take Dolly to shows around the south to perform.

“My uncle bill lived here in the mountains and got very involved in the chestnut trees when the blight killed all the chestnut trees and he wanted to be one of the people responsible for helping bring the chestnut tree back and he and his wife sandy worked for many years to replant the trees on the property,” Parton continued.

So now what? The country music superstar has made several musical achievements, has her own theme park, and now two resorts to add to that list of accomplishments, but if you ask the icon herself, she’ll humbly respond to her investment in early childhood literacy, which is another connection to her roots.

“The Imagination Library. The program where we give books to children from the time they’re born until they’re in kindergarten. That way they learn to read, learn to love books. Get someone around them. And I think if you learn to read early on it is wonderful. And it is based on my own father couldn’t read or write. So I got him involved in helping me start the program. And he got to live long enough to hear the children call me the book lady. And he took pride in it and he was proud of me. And that one will be important to me always,” Parton said.

The Heartsong Lodge will be open in Fall 2023.

FOX 56’s interview with Dolly Parton will air on television and via live stream at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 30.