ESTILL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — Members of multiple Estill County first responder groups banded together over the weekend to save a man that fell down an 80-foot embankment.

Estill County EMS Director Jimmy Wise told FOX 56 that the man had been stuck at the bottom of the cliff for two days. It took the rescue team around one hour to complete the rescue, hoisting the man up the ridge in a basket.

Wise said the man was transported to the fairgrounds and then flown to UK Hospital.

Estill County fire crews said the rescued man was not able to speak when first located, but was making progress while on the way to the hospital.

Director Wise said the fall could have been due to a narrow walkway behind a mobile home near the embankment.

Agencies that aided in the rescue included the Estill County Rescue Squad, Estill County Fire Department, Estill County EMS, Estill County Sheriffs Department, and Estill County Fire Department.