Experts in Kentucky say vaccine protects against the Delta variant of Covid-19


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WOODFORD CO., Ky. (WDKY) – The CDC expects the Delta variant of the Coronavirus to become the most dominant strain here in the US.

The variant was first found in India before continuing to become the most spread strain in Britain.

Experts in Kentucky say they’re keeping an eye on cities throughout the county and abroad, as the Delta variant continues to spread.

Some good news, they say there’s a way to get protection.

“The best way to prepare is to get vaccinated,” says Woodford County Health Department public health director Cassie Prather.

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Prather says the more people vaccinated, the harder it will be for the variant to spread.  She says so far, we’ve only seen one positive case for the strain in Kentucky.

“That lets us know that it’s here,” Prather says.

Prather explains testing is limited, suggesting the variant is more widespread.

Experts say the Delta strain is more transmissible with more severe symptoms. They say people who are fully vaccinated have no or fewer symptoms, but people with one dose could suffer from more.

As back to school inches closer, Prather says she worries young children who can’t yet get the shot could be the most at risk.

“Only one of my children is able to be vaccinated because of age and so I’m concerned as a mother that our children are more vulnerable to the variants because they’re not able to be vaccinated,” Prather says.

Prather hopes as time passes, more age groups will become eligible. All as time is ticking for the fall and for students to get their first doses in time to be fully vaccinated for back to school.

Prather says in Woodford County, if students get their first dose by July 7th, they’ll have time to be fully vaccinated before the first day of school.

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