MILLERSBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) – FOX 56 has received multiple reports of a large fire in Bourbon County.

The fire burned in downtown historic Millersburg near the 400 block of Main Street between Third and Fourth streets.

FOX 56’s Georgiaree Godfrey was on the scene and said the fire started during the early parts of the afternoon and quickly spread to three other buildings, which caused a large response from multiple agencies. The Lexington Fire Department was on the scene as well as the Bourbon County and Paris City Fire Departments.

A fire official said the fire is under control as of right now. However, crews said they would stay on the scene as long as they needed to, in order to ensure the fire doesn’t spread further.

FOX 56 was told there was difficulty in the beginning and getting water to this area, which also contributed to multiple fire departments responding.

The fire has damaged multiple buildings including a newly renovated U.S. Post Office.

A statement from the United States Postal service said post office operations will move to the Paris Post Office, located at 201 W. Eighth Street.

No injuries have been reported yet.