LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – In 2021, a dying dog was dropped off in the Kentucky Humane Society’s parking lot. Now he is being nominated for the 2022 Hero Dog Award.

Ethan was so weak when he was found he couldn’t lift his head. He weighed 38 pounds when he should have been closer to 80.

“He couldn’t lift his head to eat or drink on his own and didn’t take his first steps for six days,” reads his nomination.

Ethan is not only a survivor but he now works to advocate for shelter animals and those who have suffered abuse.

He and Huck, another former shelter dog, are part of a pair of dogs who have held fundraise and advocate for their respective former shelters, Ethan in Louisville and Huck in Lexington.

“There’s people that have followed Ethan’s story all along and they’ve traveled from all over just to see him and then they learn more about Huck so we have people that can support KHS and LHS at the same time,” Meghan Hawkins from the Lexington Humane Society previously told FOX 56.

The award has multiple categories of heroes people can vote for such as service animals, military animals, search and rescue, and more. Ethan is one of three dogs in the shelter category up for adoption.

“I take him everywhere I go, and he instantly puts a smile on people’s faces as soon as they see him. The happiness that he brings to people has been a life changing thing for me. He has taught me to always look at things from others’ perspectives. Now Ethan comes to work with me every day and spends his time encouraging other animals that are facing their own medical problems. He has helped so many animals and people over the last year but at his heart Ethan is a shelter dog and a rescue. He rescues me every single day.”

Ethan’s Nomination

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