Franklin County woman trapped in her home by floodwaters



FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WDKY) – The Kentucky River is expected to crest in Franklin County Thursday.

More than a dozen roads are closed and water is in some homes.

The water has also trapped some people.

In northern Franklin County, just off Highway 127, Dawn Morris can’t leave her home. Morris says the rising river and Elkhorn Creek have left her trapped and she won’t be able to leave her home until the water goes down.

This, as the river is inching toward its crest, which is expected to be just below the major flood level of 40 feet, cresting at 39.9. it’s expected to stay that way until Saturday.

Morris says the water is not in her home, but it has currently surrounded her and prevented her from leaving.

“We just kind of winging it,” Morris said. “There is no way I can get out the front area. That is about all I can do.”

A total of 16 roads are now closed. That number has risen and fallen in the last few days as other waterways have dropped but, again, the Kentucky River won’t start falling until Saturday.

Morris told us she does have plenty of food and supplies for her and her five dogs until the water levels drop.

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