FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) – Gov. Andy Beshear gave an update Thursday on the state’s response to snow and winter weather affecting much of Kentucky. Beshear encouraged everyone to stay off the roads, unless absolutely necessary and warned conditions could worsen heading into Thursday night.

“As the snow ends, temperatures which are already cold enough to cause ice, are going to plummet into the single digits by Friday morning,” Beshear said. “We are urging Kentuckians to please not travel if you don’t have to today.”

Beshear acknowledged there are some essential services whose employees must still travel, and said that if that is the case, to use extreme caution. Beshear closed all state office buildings at 12PM due to the winter weather.

“Most of our highway districts have been pre-treating roadways this week, taking advantage of the dry weather before this storm, but keep in mind treated roads can become quickly covered if there is enough snowfall, and visibility quickly becomes limited as well. Safety is priority number one, we want all of you out there to be safe,” Beshear said.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is asking four things from drivers while they respond to the winter storm:

  • Limit travel while snow and ice is on the roads
  • Give snowplows room on the roads
  • Make sure your vehicle is weather-ready with an emergency kit
  • Mask-up, regardless of the setting

“Transportation cannot afford to have plow drivers in quarantine, they need to be available for duty,” Beshear said.

The governor said the timeline for the state’s response to the storm will depend on just how much snow ends up falling.

“Some areas will probably be able to get cleared up quicker than others, and the temperature is also going to have a major impact because if it drops a certain amount, then even the treatments you put on the road can be less effective,” Beshear said.