LOUISVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – A historic Louisville train depot—with an assessed value of $136,000—is up for sale for $1.

According to WDRB, an open house was held Thursday at the Buechel Train Depot for those interested in leasing or purchasing the early-1900s building, train car, and four acres that’s been sitting vacant after being donated to the city of Louisville.

The catch? The city said a thorough vision will need to be laid out including site renderings, budget, timeline, funding proof, and how it could remain accessible to the public.

One bidder is looking to expand his animal rescue sanctuary on the 168,237-square-foot property.

“To be 7 miles from the center of a city and have an opportunity to have like a farmed animal sanctuary where people could come and interact with those kinds of animals and really see and learn and experience that, it just doesn’t exist,” said Brandon Fesuner shared with WDRB.

Another interested candidate is seeking to host events to grow his media company.

“Maybe add some excitement like throwing different events, community engagement events. Possibly turning this into a smaller version of Coachella,” David Holt told WDRB.

Those interested in the property can get more information by emailing vapstat@lousvilleky.gov or calling 502-574-4200 and have until 5 p.m. April 21 to submit a proposal.

“I hope that whoever is blessed with this opportunity to have this facility maintains it and definitely provides people with the opportunity to fully enjoy it as much as I do,” said Holt.