LOUISA, Ky. (FOX 56) – Micki Arvin was 28-years-old when she was diagnosed with a kidney disease.

Multiple medical procedures left her in pain when she turned to the use of prescription drugs and heroin.

(Provided by Addiction Recovery Care)

“I said if I could just quit, I would of just quit. I would of quit before jail came. I would of quit before they took my kid,” said Arvin.

Arvin said while on her path to recovery – it was rough. She said her life spun out of control.

“I spent many many holidays in jail, in treatment, homeless and on the run from the law,” said Arvin.

Now Arvin is now 36-years-old with two and a half years of recovery under her belt.
Thanks to her loving family and a Kentucky law that includes court-ordered treatment.

“My mom drove me to treatment on Christmas morning, six days after her birthday I stayed thirteen days and left. I went on the worst run I had ever been on, I overdosed more in that time period because I did not have my child with me and I didn’t have any responsibilities,” said Arvin.

Arvin has overdosed seven times. While Narcan kept her alive — she ended up losing custody of her daughter.

(Provided by Micki Arvin)

“It motivates me now today, but gosh that was the hardest thing to go through. she was screaming and crying for me. I was begging my sister to take her out of the office so that she would not see me being put in handcuffs,” said Arvin.

Arvin has a new role, a dedicated liaison for Addiction Recovery Care, and is using her experiences to help others battling the same addiction.

“I get to be hope by telling the truth, I get to be a voice of hope by just telling my story about what has happened in my life,” said Arvin.

If you suspect your loved one may have an addition. Micki advises you to call the addiction recovery that number is (859) 559-0938

(Provided by Micki Arvin)