‘I only registered two days ago’: Second ‘Shot at a Million’ millionaire announced


KENTUCKY (FOX 56) – The second round of winners in the state’s “Shot at a Million” incentive program were announced Friday afternoon.

Kentucky‘s newest millionaire is Ginger Shultz, of Louisville. Shultz says she had just registered for the drawing a couple days before it was held.

Five more Kentucky students also received college scholarships: Shelby Anderson, Louisville; Isabella Brozak, Crestwood,; TJ Ponder, Owenton; Reese Johnson, Harrodsburg; Julian Sandberg, Ft. Mitchell.

Kentucky is using CARES Act money to fund three $1 million winners and 15 full ride scholarships.

Last month, a Lexington woman, who had been on unemployment, was announced as the first big winner of the program.

Shot at a Million was announced in early June as an incentive program to get people vaccinated. There’s been some questions raised as if that is working. Vaccination numbers from when this program was announced to before, are not dramatically higher. In fact, all six winners told us they had been vaccinated before the contest was announced.

We are told the winners were selected randomly. However, although the announcements was made Friday, all the winners were apparently notified Thursday after the drawings were held.

Before announcing the winners, Governor Beshear again stressed the importance of being vaccinated as well as wearing masks, to stop the spread of the very contagious delta variant.

“[The delta variant] is more transmissible, spreads more aggressively than the common cold, than the Spanish flu, than small pox. That is a big deal,” Gov. Beshear said. “It is one of the most transmissible viruses that they have ever seen.”

The next, and final, drawings will be held at the end of August. People are only allowed to enter the drawing once and state officials say they will verify entrants are actually vaccinated.

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