LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A small-town boy with big dreams who just turned 20 years old, is now the winner of American Idol’s 20th anniversary season.

Noah Thompson won the title on Sunday night. His new single One Day Tonight is already number one on iTunes.

Thompson said it feels surreal.

“I think it is still sinking in, I feel so blessed and great to be home and I get to see my family for a little bit and take this all in, this is a big thing for all of, us not just myself,” Thompson said.

The city of Louisa has shown how proud they are of Thompson, the city is decked out with posters and pictures in support of the star.

“I have not actually gotten out yet, because it is kind of a crazy thing. You know just pulling up, I mean there is pictures everywhere. My face is just all over the place, this support, this town has been amazing and I just love everybody,” Thompson said.

Thompson said anyone who comes from a small city can easily achieve the goals they have set, including dreams as big as American Idol.

“You just need to go and have fun not worry and stress about how everyone feels about you or all of the millions of things that are going to come through your mind do not matter,” Thompson said.

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