LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — According to data released by Kentucky Monday, about a quarter of the new daily positive COVID-19 cases are coming from children.  About 14% of kids ages five to eleven are fully vaccinated against COVID in the state.

“One reason is that it has not been tested enough, I mean I feel like they just kind of threw the vaccine out there and said hey put this in your kids, and any other vaccine has had more trials and been tested,” said parent Dana Schultz.

Two parents, on opposite ends of the spectrum on whether to get their kids vaccinated or not

“They are vaccinated,  and I first looked at the science and what was best for our family, and also thinking about the community, our children attend public schools. My partner is a public school teacher and administrator and I also work in a public university setting,” said parent Margaret Mohr-Schroder.

Staff pediatrician Dr. Katrina Hood said they are swamped with coronavirus cases particularly in younger kids

“More of high fevers with those that are not vaccinated, which really makes sense that if you have some antibodies that are already there, ready to help fight the virus when you catch it,” said Hood.

Doctor hood said since the start of the pandemic, they have had to admit kids to UK hospital. She says parents should watch out for acute illnesses, like the multi-inflammatory that can develop after the COVID-19 virus.

“So, they appear to have recovered and seem well. Then they have worsening fevers, abdominal pain, and lots of redness to their eyes, and their lips can become cracked,” said Hood.