LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – With little rain and plenty of heat over the last couple of weeks, conditions are really starting to dry out. Lawns are losing color and turning a little crispy, it’s usually a sign that we need some rain.

The latest drought monitor was released earlier today and shows abnormally dry conditions for a good chunk of the area.

This is a 40% increase since last week and certainly tells us the high heat and humidity in combination with less than average rainfall is quickly leading to dry conditions. In fact, the “moderate” dry area shown on the map near Elizabethtown is the first “moderate” issued for dry conditions since 2020!

Now, let’s a look at some of the numbers across our area and how things have stacked up lately. The year started great in terms of precipitation for Lexington. It was very active and precip total was above normal for both January and February.

Since then? Not so much. The months of March, April, and May all have resulted in BELOW normal precipitation. That is a 2.5” deficit for the past three months!

To make matters even worse, the June precip deficit only adds things up. Here’s a look at normal amounts versus our rain so far here in Lexington:

While rain chances return this weekend, the overall theme is dry and hot. A look into early July shows below-normal precipitation for this period. If this continues with more heat through summer, drought conditions will worsen.

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