LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Kentucky State Police has officially announced the new face of its organization.

The new mascot, a bulldog fitted in KSP’s gray uniform and hat, is the newest addition to the agency’s community outreach program.

New KSP mascot (KSP Facebook)

KSP said they launched this community outreach effort to engage with young and old alike in a fun way and to build relationships with the citizens of Kentucky.

The mascot will be used for events such as hospital visits, where Troopers deliver Trooper Teddy Bears to terminally ill children and making an appearance at the Kentucky State Fair.

The image of a bulldog has historically been used by KSP for promotional events and ultimately became the inspiration for the mascot.

KSP initially scheduled the mascot to reveal for last Friday, on the organization’s 74th birthday, but decided to postpone it in lieu of those affected by last week’s tragic situation in Floyd County.