FLATWOODS, Ky. (WOWK) – Many families that have been involved with a school marching band have been involved in fundraisers selling everything from candy to candles to pepperoni rolls.

One Flatwoods, Kentucky, family is selling something a little different to raise money for the local high school band: a lifetime collection of NASCAR memorabilia.

Jennifer Hammond says she has boxes and boxes of Kyle Petty and Richard Petty memorabilia from her parents who collected the items over many years of watching races.  Now that her parents have downsized and have moved out of state, Jennifer says she was left with more items than she had space for. She wanted to sell the items, but her mother had a very specific idea of what to do with cash from the sale.

“My mom wanted me to donate all the money from the sale of the items to the (Russell High School) marching band to help with our season this year, which we are expecting to cost around $70,000,” she says.

Russell H.S. Marching Band – Photo: Jennifer Hammond

Jennifer’s oldest son Caleb just graduated but her younger son Isaiah is still in the band which is planning on competing in the Bands of America Grand National Championships this season in Indianapolis.

“The talent that these band kids have blows my mind, and I want to see them succeed so much,” she says, “I don’t think there is any activities in school that enrich a child like the arts programs. Band, orchestra, choir, art, they benefit children so much.”

Isaiah Hammond – Member of Russell H.S. Marching Band – Photo: Jennifer Hammond

The band will compete in the state contest and also at the Grand Nationals in Indianapolis as they did three years ago. Transportation, food and lodging costs can pile up quickly and that’s before the cost of show production, props, music rights and of course paying staff and instructors.

Below is a look back at a previous journey the band took to the Grand Nationals in 2018:

A look back at Russell H.S. Marching Band’s last trip to Indianapolis for Bands of America

The collection can be found in a Facebook sales group called Unforgettable NASCAR Group – For Selling.

Jennifer and her parents hope that selling dozens and dozens of model stock cars will help keep their local band on the road this marching band season.