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CORBIN, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Local restaurants like the Wrigley Taproom in Corbin have had to overcome many challenges in the last 19 months.

“It has felt like the Hunger Games in some ways,” said Kristin Smith, the owner of the Wrigley Taproom in Corbin.

Challenges and setbacks have forced the industry to get creative to stay afloat.

“It feels like we’re in a challenge of what’s going to break us,” Smith said.

And right now, that challenge is from the supply chain shortages, forcing prices for these products to double, and even triple what they were just a year ago.

“And chicken wings is up astronomically. It’s almost five times what it used to be 12 months ago,” Smith said.

Smith said from ketchup to steak, there’s not enough to go around, or they’re not coming in on a regular basis.

“Sometimes it’s just like, what’s going to be on the menu? It’s even a surprise to us sometimes. What are we actually going to get on delivery day?” Smith said.

The shortages and price hikes will ultimately come down to impact your wallet. Smith estimates you could see around a 20% increase.

“You’re worried about your customers. How will they react?” Smith said.

It’s why she made a Facebook post that’s getting hundreds of shares and comments, where she shows examples of price hikes and asks for understanding and support.

“Some folks are saying ‘thank you for understanding the impact and the seriousness.’ It’s a rare thing to feel heard and it feels good to be heard,” Smith said.

She hopes the right ingredients mix together and help restaurants stay open.

“If you can just go with it for us, just go with us on this, just for a hair of a minute so we can push through, we’ll get there together,” Smith said.

A survey from the National Restaurant Association showed 44% of restaurant owners think it will be at least another 12 months before they see a return to normal business.