LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) – Buffalo Trace Bourbon has its eyes set on another location in the bluegrass to mark its territory.

This time in Anderson County.

Dozens of Lawrenceburg residents showed up Tuesday to an Anderson County Planning Commission meeting hoping to persuade members to not give the ok for a proposed zoning change that would allow Buffalo Trace to build.

The property in question is along Graefenburg Road. It’s currently a cattle farm and sits on more than 400 acres of land.

The plan is to convert the land into several warehouses. Spokespeople with Buffalo Trace said the proposal would bring revenue and jobs.

But residents directly across the street from the proposed site are concerned about the other things that may come with the company’s expansion.

Cody Alexander said, “We’re also worried about potential fire hazards. That story remains, of gallons of alcohol at our front door could cause if it’s a fire and we don’t have adequate fire suppression in this area.”

The zoning proposal was approved with a vote of four to three. It now heads to the fiscal court.