LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Kentucky Horse Council has been in contact with horse owners throughout several counties in eastern Kentucky while the number of horses that have been impacted is still undetermined, two horses were transported to the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.

“We were made aware of two horses that had been surrendered and that is hard, it is someone who had lost everything,” said executive director of the Kentucky Horse Council Sara Coleman.

It’s been tough on eastern Kentucky, and it’s another blow when you have to give up an animal you love.

“She was like I know I can’t and do not have the ability to take care of these horses and she really wanted to make sure they were safe,” Coleman said.

In the midst of chaos, an eastern Kentucky woman wanted to do right by her horses to ensure they get the proper care while she focuses on rebuilding. Two of her horses were transported to the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center.


“The horse community is very tight knit, we support each other when we get in trouble, it has been heartening even though it is devastating,” Coleman said.

The Kentucky horse council and Appalachian Horse Project are still in the beginning phase trying to help eastern Kentucky.

“Alot of people this time of year have put up their hay that they need for the whole winter, and unfortunately alot of the barns have been destroyed so it means not just immediate lost of the structures but also lost of the feed for their horses,” Coleman said.

The organizations are relying on others to help

“In need of small square bale hay, which means it is easily transportable which is very important right now as bridges and roads are in states of disrepair,” Coleman said.

But there are still some worries.

From the equine protection side with all of the flood waters, we’re very concerned about the potential diseases that can come with the insect’s outbreak that rise from the additional water,” Coleman said.

Eastern Kentucky horse owners said there are several ways you can help. You can visit the Kentucky Horse Council Facebook page for more information.