Livingston Fire and Rescue responds to multiple water rescues following flash flooding


In the past week the Livingston Fire and Rescue has responded to three water rescues all due to flash flooding.(WDKY)

ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – In the past week the Livingston Fire and Rescue has responded to three water rescues all due to flash flooding. As we head into summer more frequent flash flooding events are common with summer storms.

On Sunday, the Livingston Fire and Rescue had to make a swift water rescue after flash flooding on Skaggs Creek overtook a family’s vehicle in a matter of minutes.

“The victims had tried to attempt to cross the Skaggs Creek and got out in the middle of it and it grounded the engine out and they were trying to restart the engine and the water started rising rapidly,” fire chief Jeff Carpenter said.

Carpenter said the family was stranded on top of their SUV before they were taken to safety. His best advice in flash flooding situations is to avoid river crossings.

“When we are having rain even sporadic rain like this. It’s better to not attempt these river crossings. If there is any other ways you can get to where you’re going without going that way,” Carpenter.

And that’s why it’s important when you see flooded roads to turn around and don’t drown because you could very quickly end up in a dangerous situation.

“Safety, all about safety and getting the victims back to the shoreline,” firefighter Larry Davidson said.

Safety was the only thing on firefighter Larry Davidson’s mind when he jumped in to save the family. As the department’s strongest swimmer, he enjoys getting in the water.

“It’s a lot of fun actually for me, I like to do it. But it’s pretty scary for the people on top of the vehicle,” Davidson said.

Flash flooding can happen in the blink of an eye. Ponding on the roads can very quickly turn into a rushing river, which is why it’s important to pay attention to weather conditions at all times.

Firefighters say it’s important to know your roads and the best routes to avoid rivers and creeks when it starts to rain.

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