LONDON, Ky. (FOX 56) – City Attorney Larry Bryson and London Mayor Troy Rudder were asked to resign their positions during a special called meeting of the London city council Thursday.

The requests for resignations came as a result of a special audit of the city government and city tourism commission’s spending practices that was released on Tuesday morning.

“I had been wanting to know how things were, I ran for mayor in 2018  because I saw some things needed to be fixed and corrected so when they mention doing the audit I actually welcomed that,” said Greene.

State Auditor Mike Harmon’s report shows Rudder’s stepdaughter was paid more than was budgeted by the city council for various roles dealing with tourism.

City Councilwoman Kelly Greene said London tourism generates most of the income for the city.

“The audit is bad enough, the results were bad enough that they should be willing to resign so London can move forward,” said Greene

Harmon also wrote in a statement, that the London tourism commission didn’t have proper oversight of how tax money was spent.

“London tourism at the end of 2023 pulled away from the city and became an SPGE,   which means they are kind of independent from the city now and they are taking care of their own finances, said Green.

Harmon said two of the audit’s findings will be referred to the city’s ethics board, but said that the board hasn’t met for nearly a decade. Green said no spending should take place without the council’s approval.

In a statement, Rudder said most of the concerns addressed by the audit have already been corrected. He adds the other ongoing issues will be fixed by May 1.

Bryson released a statement to FOX 56 News, “I have served three London mayors and several city councils and I have never been treated this way by any of those in the past.”

Nothing was on the Special Called Meeting (April 7) agenda (signed and called by Councilpersons Green and Carmack and two others) about firing me or asking for my resignation and neither Green nor Carmack made any effort to discuss the Audit report with me or ask any questions before calling for my resignation. We had our regular Council meeting on Monday evening (April 4) and both Carmack and Green knew of the Audit Report at that time, but never mentioned it during the entire Monday meeting. On Thursday evening at the Special Council meeting, Councilperson Danny Phelps and Judd Weaver asked that I be given the opportunity to speak before Green and Carmack fired me. I had surgery on Wednesday and could not attend the Special Council meeting on Thursday and Councilpersons Green and Carmack knew this. They wanted to fire me while I was not there and they certainly did not want to give me the opportunity to speak. 

Larry G. Bryson, Statement to FOX 56