LOUISA, Ky. (FOX 56) – 20-year-old Noah Thompson accomplished a dream of a lifetime and his small town of Louisa came out to celebrate his “American Idol” win.

There is no doubt that the city of Louisa is proud of Thompson, he may be the winner of “American Idol”, but he is now referred to as the city’s national treasure.

“We were confident that he was going to be a good ambassador for our community and county and that has been proven to be the case,” said Lawrence County tourism commission chairman, Wes Kingsmore.

“It was a crazy night all of the lead up to his home visit to Sunday night was kind of a world- wind,” said Kingsmore. “We were having a watch party here so it was pretty crazy and we had a big stage, 140 and 150 people.”

According to Kingsmore, he had only a few days to prepare for the homecoming when Thompson reached the final three.

“We were probably overconfident that he was going to win this thing but we had all of the faith, in the world that he had a God-given talent, and you can tell the minute he walked on the stage,” said Kingsmore.

“My son goes to school with Noah’s younger brother, and he got up and said see Dad this is what I said all along this proves doesn’t matter where you are from a small town if you believe in yourself and you work hard, you can succeed,” said Harold Slone, mayor of Louisa. “It was so refreshing to see people unified for the same purpose, our entire city, county, and region was all 100% positive and behind Noah.”