MAYFIELD, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Since the tornadoes destroyed many parts of western Kentucky, help, and volunteers have wasted no time getting to work and helping where they can.

The Mayfield High School gym has turned into a makeshift supermarket, offering families many of the needs they have right now.

They do have some outside help with staying organized. Groups like the Salvation Army are there making and delivering meals and helping families as they come in. But for the most part, it’s all the district.

“Since Saturday we have had non-stop run of donations. We have had donations from Tennessee. I’ve talked to people from Maryland, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Louisiana during the week and they’ve all come up here,” said Stephen Hatchell, Mayfield High School’s assistant principal.

From becoming a shelter immediately after the storm, to quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for many needs families in their district have, this school is teaching everyone a lesson in the community.

“Everybody is just so willing to help and so willing to give up their time and give up the stuff that they have or the stuff they can get. It’s been amazing,” Hatchell said.

It’s been emotional at times, as students and their families come in looking for basic needs after losing everything.

“We’ve cried with them. We’ve hugged them. We tell them how much we love them. The great thing about our school system is a kid walks in and multiple teachers know them by name, they know their families by name,” Hatchell said.

Students not impacted are jumping in to help. These cheerleaders were supposed to cheer on this court tonight, but right now the biggest opponent is the destruction.

“Mayfield people are strong, they’re resilient. They’re tough people. And everybody is just so willing to help,” Hatchell said.

They’re working together to make sure their community makes the ultimate rebound.